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  • What is a water ionizer

    2011-2-26 11:20:27

    A water ionizer is an appliance that uses the process of electrolysis to change the structure of water on the molecular level, creating antioxidant rich ionized alkaline, and oxidizing ionized acidic streams of water simultaneously....

  • Water Ionizer Installation

    2011-3-10 14:06:56

    EHM Group LIMITED . is specialized in healthcare for many years. With years of endeavor, EHM has developed to be a manufacturing, selling, and after-sale service integrated Hi-tech enter...

  • Water Ionizer Filter Replacing Tips

    2011-2-26 11:55:26

    The water ionizer filter is a type of appliance also called a water ionizer. This device  is an appliance that separates water into alkaline water and acid water by a process of electrolysis. ...

  • Water Ionizer Cleaning Cycles

    2011-2-26 11:37:54

    water ionizer separates water into alkaline water and acid water using a process known as electrolysis, we drink alkaline water to enjoy the benefits created from the transformation of water throug...

  • What is the alkaline water

    2011-2-26 11:34:42

    Alkaline Ionized Water acts as a powerful natural antioxidant. The human body consists of 70% water - would it not make sense that it is important for us to drink the best water available ...